BP presentation of ThermaSet®


​BP did a presentation of ThermaSet® Application on the Hod Field on the Plug and Abandonment seminar on the 30th of October 2014 at Sola Quality Airport Hotel.

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BP Norway experienced technical challenges on the HOD platform south of Valhall, employing numerous products from various service companies in an attempt to Plug and Abandon the well without any success.

WellCem was contacted and tasked with the assignment of presenting a solution utilizing ThermaSet®. An engineered design specifically tailored to the conditions of the well was devised and executed with 100% success. The resilience of ThermaSet® and the soundness of field execution compelled BP to employ the same methodology on another well on the platform resulting in repeated success.
This case history was presented by BP at the Plug and Abandonment Seminar Thursday 30 October at the Sola Airport Hotel. More than 250 oil and gas employees were in attendance at the conference this year. 

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