​With effect from 15 February, Tarjei Gudmestad has decided to resign as CEO of Wellcem AS. Jonny Haugen will be appointed CEO as of the same date.


jonny haugen copyTarjei Gudmestad (63) has led Wellcem since 2011. He came from a position as CEO of Sulzer Norge AS. Under his leadership, the company has grown from 5 employees to 28 employees and had a significant growth in revenue and number of customers. The board would like to thank Tarjei for his major, loyal and important efforts for the company during a build-up period. He now resigns at his own request.

Jonny Hauge (picture) has been CTO in Wellcem since he was employed in 2015. He has been responsible for important development and marketing of the company's products, and engineering support for the daily operations. He has a senior management experience as CTO and COO in Sekal AS, in addition to international leadership roles from Halliburton, Easywell and Baker Hughes

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