New head office


​Wellcem completes move into new head office at Orstadveien.


Wellcem has finished the long awaited move into our new head office. The office is located at Orstad in Klepp. The new head office is 1186 m2, and will contain offices, warehouse and a modern laboratory.

The increased demand of our products meant that we needed more employees and therefore more office space. The new offices have been built to meet our customers increased demand, and will allow us to naturally grow for the next years.
The new office has been customed designed to meet Wellcem’s current and future needs. We will have 432 m2 warehouse, where we can store and pack our products and reduce our response time. We have also built our own modern laboratory, where we will do testing both for clients and for research and development of new products.

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Orstadveien 108
N-4353  Klepp stasjon
Phone: +47 52 98 65 00
Wellcem AS
Orstadveien 108, N 4353 Klepp stasjon
Phone: +47 52 98 65 00 info@wellcem.com