Polymer resins for remediation of leakages in CO2 wells


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The CLIMIT program which is a collaboration between Gassnova and the Research Council of Norway, has awarded funding and elected Wellcem for an R&D project to develop a resin solution that can be applied for stopping CO2 leakages through annular cement sheaths in CO2 wells.
CLIMIT* is the national program for research, development, piloting and demonstration of CO2 capture and storage (CCS) technologies for power generation and other industrial sources.
The commercially available ThermaSet® developed by Wellcem, has demonstrated significant potential for this application. Moreover, due to its resistance to CO2, ThermaSet® has a huge potential as remediation material for leakages in CO2 wells in particular. The project with duration of 2 years will be executed in close co-operation with IRIS, Stavanger.


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