Wellcem and Saudi Aramco presented an spe paper on using thermaset as lost circulation material.


​The paper is entitled “First Application of Thermal Activated Resin as Unconventional LCM in the Middle East” and was presented at IPTC on December 10-12 2014

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The SPE Paper IPTC-18151-MS can be downloaded here
One of the challenges encountered offshore involves required maintenance of relatively high hydrostatic pressures while drilling past loss circulation zones in the intermediate hole section. Heavy weight mud is used to control the pore pressure and keep formation fluids in check.  However, these weak formations subsequently generate narrow operational windows due to the minute difference in fracture and pore pressure gradients across this zone.
As such, immediate remediation of a loss scenario is imperative in preventing any potential well control issues that could arise as a result.  Several solutions have been implemented while drilling this intermediate section, one of which includes the use of a thermosetting resin to regain full circulation and successfully increase the operational window gradient through reinforcement of the weak formation.
This paper presents case histories and field applications of this polymer-based lost circulation material for successful treatment of significantly large mud losses to formations on offshore wells in the Middle East. The paper also includes a discussion on procedural field execution of resin as an LCM as well as the physical properties specific to polymer resins.

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