Wellcem launches a new Eco-friendly resin


​EnvoSet® will be commercially available April 2017


Wellcem has during the last decade developed and deployed polymer sealant resin for a variety of well integrity challenges. Such as lost circulation, compromised wellbore integrity, plug and abandonment, and the remediation of sustained casing pressure. During the last 5 years we have executed more than 250 successful operations worldwide. 
Wellcem continuously strive for improvement and optimization in its offerings. As a result of this effort, we will this spring release our new product EnvoSet®.
In addition to the unique physical properties and sealing ability of ThermaSet®EnvoSet® is a Eco – friendly resin with the following features:
  • Long lasting, competent plugging and sealing abilities
  • Tunable curing time (fast-slow) down to a few minutes accuracy
  • Precision placement of plug/material
  • High flash point, > 110°C - Not classified as dangerous goods - No transport restrictions
  • Registered in NEMS, OCNS and CEFAS
  • Classified Yellow material (North Sea) 
EnvoSet® will be commercially available April 2017.  

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