Wellcem presents Production and Performance


​ThermaSet® at Well Cem Conference in Dubai


Well Cements: Production and Performance
1st Global Wellcem Conference and Exhibition
The 1st Global Well Cem Conference has successfully taken place in Dubai, UAE, with around 150 delegates from 37 countries, 20 presentations on well cement and cementing, 12 hours of networking and lots of smiles all round. Delegates hailed the event as an idea whose time had come and praised it for its friendly, informal and inclusive atmosphere. The 2nd Global Well Cem Conference and Exhibition will take place in Houston, USA, in 2015, with dates to be confirmed

Alf Jan Wik from the Norwegian company Wellcem AS spoke about his company's product ThermaSet®, which is a multi-component non-reactive resin-based polymer with adjustable specific gravity and an operating range of -9 to 150°C, with temperature resistance at up to 320°C once cured. ThermaSet® curing is triggered by sufficient down hole temperature.
Alf suggested that the cured product is significantly stronger than Class G oil well cement, with greater elasticity, and can be used to kill or permanently plug leaking wells. He suggested that ThermaSet® will withstand contamination up to 50% by drilling fluids and still form a strong bond. The material can be used to stop lost circulation in wells, as alternative cement for wells used for CO2 storage, for zonal isolation and for cementing of casing for low density systems, for example foam cement replacement.

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