EnvoSet® is an environment friendly thermosetting resin system developed for plugging applications in the oil and gas wells. EnvoSet® is low density and low viscosity transparent liquid. Its density and viscosity can be adjusted according to requirements by adding micron size particles.

The curing process EnvoSet® is based on downhole temperature and can easily be tuned from few minutes to several hours at a temperature range between 30C & 150C. The curing process starts when the mixture of EnvoSet® and its curing initiator is exposed to the design temperature for a pre-defined time period. EnvoSet® cures into a strong and flexible plug that can withstand the downhole mechanical and thermal stresses.
EnvoSet® can be bullheaded/circulated through production tubing, drill string with BHA/drill bit, Coil tubing and control lines. The properties of EnvoSet® which make it suitable for applications in oil and gas wells are:
  • Adjustable curing time at any BHT between 30C & 150C
  • Flexible density and viscosity
  • Impermeable strong plug
  • Can be squeezed through micro channels and permeable rocks
  • Can be displaced with Sea Water or water based fluids without risk of contamination
  • Solid plug can easily be logged and can be drilled/milled with any type of bit on drill pipe or Coiled Tubing
  • EnvoSet® pill will only cure once exposed to BHT or any temperature the pill is designed for

Typical physical properties of EnvoSet®
  • Density: 1,08 S.G  (Can be adjusted between 0,7 – 2,5 S.G)
  • Viscosity: 180 cP @ 20C (Can be tuned from 180 to 2.106 cP)
  • Application Temperature range: 30C – 150C
  • Curing time:Few minutes to several hours (as required)
  • Miscibility with water: Immiscible
  • Flash Point: >110C
  • Material  transportation class: Non Dangerous Goods
  • Environmental color code: Yellow (when in liquid form)
  • Registrations: NEMS, OCNS & CEFAS 
Target Applications
  • P&A – Permanent well barrier
  • Lost Circulation control
  • Zone isolation and plugging of unwanted zones
  • Plugging of Control lines
  • Remedial Treatment of Sustained Casing Pressure